Lawnmower Winter Servicing
27th October 2020
stihl lawnmower service

Now that winter is drawing in and the grass has stopped growing its time to pack the lawnmower away for the winter. But before you do so it’s worth giving your mower a winter service.

Servicing your machine before storage will ensure it’s in good working order and will start easily in the spring. It’s important to change the engine oil and clean or replace the filters regularly to maximise the engine’s lifetime. It’s also important to remove any grass from under the deck and around the blades to prevent corrosion over winter. This will ensure your mower lasts for many years to come. The blade also needs to be sharpened to give a neat cut once the grass begins to grow in spring.

What is a winter service?

A winter service will include the following:

  • Full engine service including oil change, filter change and new spark plugs.
  • Old fuel replaced with fresh Aspen Alkalate fuel which will not go off over winter (stale fuel is the number one cause for a mower which will not start)
  • Blade removed, cleaned, sharpened and balanced
  • Inspection of all belts and cable, replaced if required
  • Test of all operator controls and safety features
  • Deck cleaned to prevent corrosion over winter
  • General inspection for any other faults

How much will winter service cost?

The cost of a Winter service is dependant on machine type, brand, age and condition.

A walk-behind mower will cost £50inc VAT for labour plus the cost of parts which is generally around £30 depending on machine type, brand, age and condition. If any other repairs are required ab0ve a basic service these will incur an additional labour and parts cost

Labour on Ride on mowers are charged at £50inc VAT per hour plus the cost of parts. Generally, a ride on a mower takes around 1h30 depending on type, brand, age and condition. Any further repairs above a basic service will incur additional labour and parts cost.

We also offer a collection and delivery service for larger machinery, please call us for a quote for thise service.

Please call us to book your winter service 01480 473452