AL-KO Easy Flex LB 2060 Leaf Blower

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With our cordless leaf blowers you can easily remove dry leaves from even surfaces.



The Cordless AL-KO Easy Flex LB 2060 leaf blower

The AL-KO Easy Flex LB 2060 cordless leaf blower with its powerful 20V Li-Ion battery pack provides you with a cordless and effortless, environmentally friendly gardening experience. The lightweight and handy device allows flexible working without the hassle of power cables, without petrol and also without exhaust fumes. The attachments can be easily disassembled, which allows the leaf blower to be stored in a space-saving way.



Technical details of the AL-KO Easy Flex LB 2060 cordless leaf blower

The AL-KO Easy Flex LB 2060 cordless leaf blower operates at air speeds up to 200 km / h and an idling speed of 12500 rpm. The adjustment takes place steplessly so you have complete control of the airflow to suit the task on hand. High ease of use thanks to the power lever lock which is ideal for periods of extended use. Weighing just 1.6 kg weight (with battery) the lightweight leaf blower provides comfortable working. The 20 volt battery provides a working time of up to 20 minutes.





  • Cable-free and independent work
  • Comfortable working thanks to low weight
  • High air speed for powerful work
  • Stepless control of the air flow
  • Running time up to 20 min per battery charge (Please Note: Battery and charger not included)




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