AL-KO Robolinho® 3100 Robotic lawnmower

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  • Automatically mows areas of up to 1200 m²
  • Safety sensors protect against injury and theft
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Double blade mulching system
  • Large cutting width and climbing abilityThe ideal partner for all garden owners who appreciate efficiency. Through innovative engineering and programming, the Robolinho® 3100 maintains even larger gardens quietly and emission-free.

    The Robolinho® 3100 Robotic lawn mower

    Engineered in Germany and Made in Austria: Thanks to this, the development and manufacture of the Robolinho robotic lawnmower, we at AL-KO ensure that our own quality standards and those of our customers are guaranteed. Long-lasting components developed by us in Germany make the Robolinho® a reliable companion for daily lawn care. With the simple installation in your garden and the easy operation via the display mean that the robotic lawnmower will take care of your lawn when and where you want it to.

    Technical details of Robolinho® 3100 robotic lawnmower

    The Robolinho® 3100’s long-life lithium-ion battery ensures quiet and emission-free operation, enabling the robotic lawnmower to operate on during the day or at night. Thanks to its sophisticated movement technology and the 30 cm cutting width, the Robolinho® 3100 cultivates grass surfaces of up to 1200 m² very efficiently. Even obstacles such as trees or slopes of up to 35 percent are no problem for this robotic lawnmower. With cutting heights between 30 mm and 60 mm allowing you to adjust the height of cut your to your personal needs. Thanks to the DCC (Double-Cut-System) developed by AL-KO with a double blade, a perfect cut is created, and the resulting micro-grass clippings which care for the lawn acting as a biological fertiliser eliminating the need to dispose of grass cuttings. An optional second base station can also be used to mow another area. The integrated sensor technology provides the maximum safety, both for humans and animals as well as for the robotic lawnmower.


    Battery Type2.9 Ah/25.2 V
    For Lawns (in m²)1,200
    Cutting Width in cm30
    Cutting Height30-60 mm
    Maximum Climbing Ability35%
    Weight in kg approx8
    Battery Runtime / Charging Timemax. 120/120 min.
    Sound Level65 dB(A)
    Rain SensorYes
    Number of entry points9
    Install on second base stationYes

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