Intruder The Better Mouse trap (2-Pack)

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Intruder The Better Mousetrap (2-Pack)

The Better Mousetrap is the first sanitary and user-friendly mouse trap of its kind-press to set, squeeze to eject. Designed to suffocate rodents means no exposure to blood or bodily fluids. Environmentally friendly, and child and pet sate. Reusable-just rinse and reset. It’s that simple.

  • Original easy-set trap holds mouse tightly with 30% more force than other traps-no more sprung traps and stolen bait
  • Unique grooved tongue holds bait securely to guarantee a successful catch
  • After catch, tongue lifts mouse up and out during “squeeze-and-eject” disposal
  • Molded from tough, non-absorbent plastic that suffocates mice cleanly without breaking their skin-no blood, mess or odors
  • Child and pet safe
  • 100% guaranteed




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