Kronos Ferrosgranul Ferros Sulphate Moss Killer 25kg

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Features of Ferrosgranul Lawn Feed

25 kg Bag

1000m2 coverage per bag

Boost your lawn and kill moss.

Can be spread by hand or spreader

Can be dissolved in water, 250g / 10ml water




Visible effects of the product can be seen after approximately 5 to 10 days. Lawn Moss will be immediately killed and can be removed with a grass rake. The grass in your lawn will receive a boost becoming thicker and greener.



Important Note: Our Ferrogranul 20 is non-toxic!

Ferrogranul must be kept away from children & pets.

Ferrogranul can cause  brown stains on clothing which can be  difficult or almost impossible to remove.

Wear Gloves while applying ferrogranul.

Do not let children or pets on the treated area for 2 days, wear shoes and clean after walking on the treated area.



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