Petface Loktop Fat Ball Feeder

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Petface Loktop Fat Ball Feeder (Fits 4 Fat Balls) 70012

This fat ball bird feeder by Petface has a ‘Loktop’ system that keeps the lid closed and food dry and safe from predators and a perching ring to allow a wide variety of birds to feed from it.

Material: Durable Plastic

Care Instructions: It is important to clean the feeder regularly. Use a suitable disinfectant, rinse and fully dry after. When cleaning your feeder wear rubber gloves and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Colour: Green.

Size: Height: 27cm (10.5″) and Capacity: 4 Fat Balls.

This fat ball hanging feeder by Petface is great for feeding the birds in your garden.

The feeder incorporates a patented ‘Loktop’ system that locks the lid closed, ensuring that the feed stays dryer and fresher by keeping the elements out. It also deters unwanted visitors from opening and stealing the feed and should the feeder become dislodged and fall to the floor, the lid will stay closed!

The perching ring gives feeding access to a wide variety of bird species.


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