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Lawn sand use and application


Lawn Sand The traditional treatment to control moss.
How to Use
Apply at 80 grams per square metre, either by hand or with a spreader.


Application by Hand

We recommend you mark out square metres on your lawn using either pegs and string or canes. Wear gloves and sprinkle the product evenly as you can at a rate of 80 grams per square metre. Initially, spread the recommended amount over one of the squares and then use this as a visual guide for the remaining squares.

Application by Spreader

Set the spreader to the setting that will dispense 80 grams per square metre

After Application

Leave the Lawn Sand to work for a day without watering.
If it does not rain within the next couple of days water in thoroughly to make sure the Lawn Sand is taken down into the grass.
Avoid walking on the lawn until it has rained or been watered in.
Wait 3 days after application before mowing the lawn.

What to Expect

The moss will blacken as it dies and can be raked out after 7-10 days.
A second application may be required after 6 weeks for lawns badly infested with moss.


CHILDREN AND PETS. Children and pets can use the treated areas once the product has been watered in.
GRAZING PETS. Keep grazing pets, such as rabbits, off treated areas for 4 weeks.
NEW LAWNS. Do not use this product on newly sown grass or turf within the first six months.
RESEEDING bare patches can be done 4 weeks after applying the product.
TREES AND BULBS. The product can be used around trees in the lawn but avoid contact with the foliage. Wait until all bulb foliage has died down before applying to lawns with bulbs in.
STAINING. Ferrous sulphate can cause stubborn stains so avoid the product coming into contact with clothing or any surfaces other than the grass. Sweep up immediately if accidentally spilt.



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