Vaughan 560g/20oz Hammer with 3 Piece Bar Set

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The Vaughan 560g/20oz Hammer is made in the USA and forged from high carbon steel, the Vaughan hammer features a patented Shock-Blok™ hickory and rubber plug in its head to absorb shock. An exclusive air cushioned, slip-resistant grip then ensures optimum comfort and control – while the fully polished, all steel curved head of the claw hammer allows for easy prying, nail and panel removal.

Supplied with a 3 Piece Bar Set.





Weight: 560g (20oz)
Handle Length: 330mm (13in)

The Bar Set is ideal for prying open paint cans, removing trim or use as a nail puller, the Vaughan Bar Set is the perfect kit for all your pulling, prying and scraping needs. The ends of the bars are also bevelled to improve access. Made from stamped US steel and finished with a rust resistant blue powder coating.



1x B222 Pry Bar 5½”
1x B444 Mini Bar 75/8”
1x BT90 90 Bar 9½”



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