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The Vicon iXtrack sprayer range is developed with big focus on operator comfort and environmental protection. The iXtrack C offers tank volumes of 3000, 4000 and 5000 litres in combination with HSS 18-40 metre steel booms (18-30m 2-part folded and 27-40m 3-part folded) or HSA 24-33 metre aluminium booms. The third available boom is the HBWP with 45 metre boom width. It has a low centre of gravity and compact dimensions for higher working speeds and easy transportation on the road. The iXtrack C is also available with ISOBUS intelligence for features like the IsoMatch Tellus terminal, iXflow recirculation system, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, Ergodrive hheadlandmanagement and Boom Guide spray height control system. iXclean Comfort or iXclean Pro will give you even more operator comfort as functions like filling, spraying, rinsing and so on can be controlled out of the tractor cabin!

The Advantages:

  • HSS or HBWP side folding or HSA high tech aluminium spray booms
  • Wheel axle options to fulfil your requirements
  • Easy operation, including Easy Set control panel
  • Non ISOBUS or ISOBUS compatible regulation systems
  • iXclean: every litre counts!
  • Possible in combination with GEOCONTROL

Technical Specifications

iXtrack CC30C40C50
Tank capacity3000 (l)4000 (l)5000 (l)
Spray boomsHSS 18-40 / HSA 24-33 / HBWP 45 mHSS 18-40 / HSA 24-33 / HBWP 45 mHSS 18-40 / HSA 24-33 / HBWP 45 m
DrawbarLow or Top linkage (un)suspended, steeringLow or Top linkage (un)suspended, steeringLow or Top linkage suspended
Wheel axleAdjustable or suspended, steeringAdjustable or suspended, steeringAdjustable or suspended, steering
Pumps200 – 250 – 400 – 500 l/min200 – 250 – 400 – 500 l/min200 – 250 – 400 – 500 l/min
Regulation systemsFMC – IsoMatch Tellus – IsoMatch Tellus GOFMC – IsoMatch Tellus – IsoMatch Tellus GOFMC – IsoMatch Tellus – IsoMatch Tellus GO
iXcleaniXclean Comfort or ProiXclean Comfort or ProiXclean Comfort or Pro


Wheel Axles

Select Your Wheel Axle:

  • Adjustable suspended axle, sliding 1.75 – 2.25m, TwinFlex suspension
  • Suspended axle: track adjustment by rims 1.80 – 2.25m, TwinFlex suspension
  • Suspended steering axle: track adjustment by rims 1.80 – 2.25m, TwinFlex suspension, Autrotrac steering
  • All wheel axles can receive hydraulic or pneumatic brakes as an option.

Autotrac steering axle system

  • The Autotrac computer assisted steering axle provides you track following for minimal crop damage. It ensures a smooth reaction of the boom when turning and has an automatic or manual mode to bring the sprayer back into track when crabbing.

TwinFlex axle suspension

  • The iXtrack C is standard equipped with a hydraulic suspension system to ensure smooth suspension, but only small height variations aiding booms stability and constant nozzle height. It is a dynamic system: stiff suspension with full tank and smooth suspension with an empty tank.

HydroFlex drawbar suspension

  • The drawbar suspension system with rubber shock absorbers is protecting the machine during high speed spraying and transport.

Spray Booms

HSS 18-20-21-24-27-28-30-32-33-34-36-38-39-40 m Compact Folding Steel Boom

  • The HSS boom range is designed for professional use. The special HSS profile combines a minimum of weight with maximum strength and stability. Computer assisted design, use of laboratory and field tests, special hardened Domex steel contribute to the legendary reputation of this long lasting heavy duty high quality booms. The HSS boom consists out of a range of 2-part folding (18-30m) and 3-part folding (27-40m) spray booms.

HSA 24-27-30-32-33 m High Tech Side Folding Aluminium Boom

  • Efficient protection of the nozzle holders within the bottom profile of the boom. This profile is designed for easy cleaning. With no sharp angles, no liquid and residues can be trapped. The anodised surface protects against corrosion and scratches. Aluminium bonding instead of welding provides a weight saving and remarkable strength. Patented aerospace technology has consistently proven itself.

HBWP 45 m Compact Side Folding Steel Boom (fits only on iXtrack C)

  • Perfect boom guiding in hilly or flatland position through a professional double trapezium balancing system. In flatland position the boom is perfectly levelled out and compensates a wrong position of the sprayer compared to the field shape. In hilly conditions the HBWP boom is following automatically the inclination of the sprayer.

Easy Operation

EasySet control panel

  • The EasySet control panel makes life easy by its intuitive operation. The controls are separated in a suction and pressure side. The valves are well protected behind the cover: this keeps your operational area free of dirt and chemicals.

Easy Access

  • The side covers are giving easy access to the EasySet control panel and operator functions. Special attention has been put on service friendliness by easy access and quick-fit hose connections.

The New Silent Piston Diaphragm pumps

  • Depending on your situation you can select a pump from a wide range of pump capacities. Pumps with capacities from 200, 250, 400 up to 500 l/min are available. Depending of the flow rate needed for spraying, the double pumps can be delivered with connected or separate flow circuits.

Agitation System

  • The unique agitation system, standard on all iXtrack sprayers, keeps the mixture homogeneous during operation and can be easily switched off in case of foam risk or a nearly empty tank. The powerful high pressure agitation with injector nozzles, standard on all iXtrack C sprayers (option for A and B) guarantees powerful mixing which you can activate after filling or a long break.

iXclean: Every Litre Counts

Electrical Level Indicator

  • An electrical level indicator provides actual tank volume to a spraying computer as well as via the external display on the Easy Set control panel.

iXclean Comfort

  • iXclean Comfort is a semi automatic valve control system. The combination of an electrical level indicator and suction valve provides operator comfort and accuracy: automatic fill stop when the programmed level is reached and remote control of all ENFO rinsing and priming functions out of your tractor cabin! Simply prime the spray lines before you start and rinse them afterwards or even during an unexpected weather break, without stepping out of your cabin!

    iXclean Pro

  • Advanced solutions come from iXclean Pro, with fully automatic, electric valve management on ISOBUS sprayers. It means all functions can be controlled from the cab. Switching between filling, agitation, spraying, diluting, priming, rinsing and tank cleaning is extremely easy: just push the button! In addition to auto filling, iXclean Pro offers also a fully automatic multi-step rinsing and cleaning program for the entire sprayer. Pushing one button a comprehensive cleaning process including all lines too starts, that takes just a few minutes and uses minimal amounts of clean water. It is so thorough, that residue levels after automated cleaning, are below 1%. iXclean Pro for filling or cleaning: makes every litre count!

     ENvironmental FOcus (ENFO)

  • ENFO priming and rinsing is standard on all our spray computers. This smart technology optimizes filling and cleaning of the spray lines. Accurate application, no waste of chemicals and saving water are the benefits for you and your environment.


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