Christmas Opening Hours 2018


It’s only one week until the Ibbetts Christmas shutdown so make sure you top up on all the essentials  or buy those last minute stocking fillers before we close for Christmas.  Ibbetts will be shut from 5pm Friday the 21st of December 5pm until 8am Wednesday the 2nd of January 2019.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, both regular and new, for all your business throughout 2018 and we are very much looking forward to serving you again in the New Year.

So from all of us at Ibbetts we wish you a very merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Midland Machinery Show 21st & 22nd November 2018

Ibbetts will be attending the Midland Machinery show on Wednesday the 21st and Thursday the 22nd of November. The Midlands Machinery show is based at the Newark Show ground and Ibbetts will be there with Kubota Tractors and Mercedes-Benz Unimog.


Visit us at show stand OSQ4 to look at the Kubota Tractor range including our brand new 170Hp M7172 Demonstrator Tractor.






Also on display will be the latest Unimog U530 Demonstrator, the perfect vehicle for Agricultural haulage.

Visit our Unimog Website for more information




Collecting leaves

Autumn is well and truly here and with it copious amounts of fallen leaves covering every surface of the garden. So whats the best way to deal with them?


Blowers  are the quickest and easiest solution to clear leaves. Simply blow the leaves into a pile in the corner of the garden or under hedges and bushes to allow them to decompose. The cordless Stihl BGA56 is a fantastic tool for this job. Cordless technology means the BGA56 is a quiet yet powerful machine with more than enough trigger time to clear a domestic garden.





A neater solution is to pick up the leave and shred them. This will leave your garden clear and give you a nice mulch to spread over your flower beds  which will allow the nutrients to be re absorbed into the soil as the mulch decomposes. The idea tool for this task is a Leaf vacuum & shredder such as Stihl’s Sh56 C-E. The SH56 C-E is a petrol powered Leaf vacuum which is more than capable in domestic gardens. The leaves are quickly sucked up and pass through a set of shredding blades as they pass into the shoulder mounted collection bag. The bag can then be quickly ad easily emptied.




Sometimes though the good old fashioned way works best. We also stock a range of hand tools including leaf rakes and leaf grabbers.



Visit Out Great Paxton store to see out full rage and receive expert advice.


Ibbetts have been family owned since 1851. We have many years of experience with Garden Equipment and are happy to share this with you to ensure you buy the right tool for the job. You can see the largest range of Lawn Mowers and garden Equipment in Cambridgeshire at our Great Paxton showroom. Visit usfor expert advice and a great deal!


You can read more about the history of Ibbetts here.


Stihl Life starts at 40 Awards

The Stihl ‘LifeStarts a 40’ conference took place in Liverpool over the weekend of the 19th and 20th of October alongside the Stihl TimberSports World championships.


The Lifestarts at 40 Conference was a celebration of 40 Years of Stihl products and a chance for the UK Dealer Network to  meet and share ideas. Ibbetts attended the event as it offered a fantastic opportunity to network with other local dealers and discuss the progress of the groundcare industry.


We were also honoured to win an award at the Conference Dinner and Awards Ceremony. Ibbetts were awarded with the ‘Best Local Marketing’ award which was a very pleasant surprise. We have been working very hard to promote ourselves as a traditional local business and are extremely grateful for the support offered by Stihl to help us achieve this.


After the conference the TimberSports World championships took place in the Echo Arena. The thrilling individual and team competitions delivered plenty of action and excitement. On Saturday, top individual athletes from twelve countries competed against each other in all six Timbersport disciplines; Springboard, Stock Saw, Standing Block Chop, Single Buck, Underhand Chop and the mighty Hot Saw.


After the 6 disciplines a new Individual world champion was crowned, Australian Laurence O ‘Toole. Australia also took victory in the overall team event. You can watch full video coverage of  the event below:

If you have been inspired by the Timbersports World Championships when why not have a look at the Stihl products available at Ibbetts:



Unimog Live 2018

Ibbetts are an approved MercedesBenz Unimog dealer. Unimog is a specialist off road utility vehicle which can be used for a vast array of applications. We were honoured to invite our key Unimog customers to MercedesBenz Approved trucks in Wentworth Park near Barnsley for Unimog Live 2018.


Unimog Live offered the chance to see many variations of Unimog in different specifications and using a huge variety of equipment. Not only were customers able to see the Unimog in action, they were also able to get hands on and drive the machines for themselves.

Experts from the Uk Unimog Dealer Network, MercedezBenz  Germany and  Unimog Uk were all on hand to field questions from guests and help them to get to know Unimog and its capabilities. Also on hand were representatives from affiliated equipment manufacturers, such as Schmidt, to provide demonstrations and expertise on utilities equipment.





Equipment available for demonstration included a harrow, grass Rake, Mowers, Tankers, Trailers, Verge mowers, sweepers, snow ploughs and more. The off road test track was also in use to show off the off road capabilities that Unimog is renown for.


The day was a huge success, no doubt helped by bluebird skies, which was attended by over 75 guests.


Watch a brief video summary of the day below:




If you are interested in trying a Unimog then we now have a New Demonstration vehicle available


For more information please call us on 01480 473452 to book your Demonstration.


Or to see more have a look at the Unimog pages of our website HERE

Odd Wheel Club Vintage Working weekend

Ibbetts attended the Odd Wheel Club Vintage working weekend this past weekend. The ploughing match was organised by the Odd Wheel Club club, a group of local vintage tractor enthusiasts, in order to raise funds for the Beds & Cambs Rural Support Group.


The event was attended by Vintage tractor enthusiasts with a range of Vintage Tractors in action. Saturday proved to be the best day with blue skies and sunshine throughout the day, albeit with a strong wind. The rain arrived with force on Sunday making for challenging conditions for all involved.



Ibbetts Kubota also attended to give out support and offer Demonstrations in our Brand new Kubota M7172 Demonstrator tractor. It was a fantastic chance to get behind the wheel of the new  tractor and put it through its paces in the field.


Free Bootbag with GriSport boots




GriSport hiking and safety boots have been manufactured in Italy at the foot of the Dolomite mountains in state of the art production facilities. GriSport  aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 70% of the power used to produce the footwear comes from solar energy from its photovoltaic plant which is one of the largest in Italy and the result of an investment of over 5 million.


GriSport have focused on innovation and R&D to become one of Europes leading shoe manufacturers and  are dedicated in bringing you the very best footwear at affordable prices.GriSport boots are available in our Great Paxton Store, the Free boot bag offer applies to any Grisport boot in stock. Visit us to see our range of work boots, safety boots and wellington boots as well as our range of country side clothing. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find the correct footwear for your needs.


To see the GriSport range CLICK HERE



Ibbetts have been family owned since 1851. We have many years of experience with Agricultural &  Garden Equipment and are happy to share this with you to ensure you buy the right product for the job. You can see the largest range of Lawn Mowers and garden Equipment in Cambridgeshire at our Great Paxton showroom. Visit us for expert advice and a great deal!

Odd Wheel Club Vintage Working Weekend 13th-14th Oct


Ibbetts Kubota will be supporting the Beds & Cambs Rural Support Group at the Odd Wheel Club Vintage Working weekend. The Vintage Working Weekend is the annual ploughing match held at Wood Farm, Hail Weston. Ibbetts will be supporting the event and attending with the latest Kubota M7172 Tractor for Demonstration.


The Kubota M7172 is the brand new 170Hp tractor. Ibbetts have recently taken delivery of a new Demonstrator unit which is available to test during the working day.


To book your Kubota test drive call Graham Garrick on 07739 091 366


To view details of the complete Kubota range click HERE


Event details:

When- 13th – 14th  October 2018

Open – 08:30

Where – Wood Farm, Hail Western, PE19 5LA

Save 25% on Jack Pyke clothing


Save 25% across the Jack Pyke range in our clothing clearance sale


Save 25% as we clear remaining stock of Jack Pyke clothing. All items carry a 25% reduction off the marked retail price.

Jack Pyke  have been involved in the outdoor market for over 20 years and their  product range manufactured using quality materials at affordable prices.

One of the brands most distinguishable features is its own camoflage patterns. Clothing and accessories are supplied in three key patterns – English Oak, English Woodland & Wild Trees Grasslands. The English Oak pattern is the original pattern developed to cover the UK’s long autumn/winter period whilst the English Woodland pattern was developed in response to requests for something more green to suit our lush spring/summer seasons. The Wild Trees Grassland pattern uses reeds, grasses, brush and leaves, in light to medium browns with small pieces of green foliage ideal for camouflage amongst reeds, grass and harvested crops.


The Jack Pyke Clearance offer is only valid in store and only available on in stock items.

Viking MB248 Mower Review Video

Viking MB 248 Lawn Mower


The Viking MB248 moweris a fantastic lawnmower for small gardens. Its simple to use and easy to push with a high volume grass box for longer periods between emptying. The 4 Stroke petrol engine is very easy to start and maintain. The MB248 mower is currently only £209 in our end of season sale. Click the video link below to see a full product review from Steve, our groundcare salesman.




Viking MB248 Mower Key Features:



Central cutting height adjustment

The cutting height can be adjusted to one its levels via a lever. The desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted with the aid of a sprung-loaded mechanism via the handle on the left-hand side of the housing.

Stable frame construction

The handlebar is attached to the lightweight, high-strength polymer housing via a sturdy steel frame. This allows easy and convenient manoeuvring of the mower, even in confined spaces and around obstacles.

Integral grass level indicator

The integral level indicator shows when the catcher box is full and ready for emptying

High-lift blades

The high-lift blades combined with the aerodynamic housing produce a strong air current that lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass into the grass catcher box.

Easy-running wheels

Large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running. The tread pattern provides better traction and allows for easy cleaning.

Pick up your new lawn mower today at our Great Paxton store, visit us for the best advice and a great deal.


Ibbetts Lawnmower guide

Ibbetts Guide to lawn mower types- what does it all mean?


Like gardens, lawn mowers come in all shapes and sizes. There are different types of mower for different jobs and different finishes all with different names. For the inexperienced it can a bit complicated to figure out what each type of lawnmower actually does, so here is our guide the break down the jargon…

Walk behind

The image most people have in their head of a lawn mower is that of a walk behind. These are the most common type of lawnmower and are often petrol powered with 4 wheels. These are available in a range of sizes to suit different sized gardens and are measured by the diameter of the blade, e.g 16 inch. The grass box is used to collect the grass clippings, generally the larger the blade diameter the bigger the grass box.


Roller mower

Roller mowers are essentially a walk behind mower, however instead of 4 wheels they will use a heavy duty roller at the back and 2 front wheels. If you’ve ever watched Wimbledon and wondered how they create the stripes on the tennis courts, the roller mower is your answer. As the roller passes over the grass it will flatten it down in the direction of travel. As you pass back and forth on your lawn the light will then reflect of the angles grass creating the striped effect. An additional benefit of using a roller on your lawn is that the roller will level out small bumps and imperfections creating the best possible finish.


Mulching mower

A mulching mower is one that does not collect the grass. Instead of collecting the mulching mower will retain the grass clippings inside the lawnmower and then cut them up into tiny pieces. The cut grass is then sprinkled across your lawn and wilts and disappears within a few hours. The benefits of mulching, apart from the obvious lack of collecting, is that the nutrients from the grass clippings are returned into the soil, rather than being removed. This means that the lawn is continually being fed and should be greener and healthier as a result.


Self propelled

A self propelled mower is one that drives it self forward. A commonly  found option on the larger walk behind lawn mowers, roller mowers and some mulching mowers, self propulsion make operation much easier physically. A self propelled mower is a fantastic option for those who struggle pushing a standard walk behind mower or want to cover a larger area with less effort.


Cylinder mower

A cylinder mower is the traditional type of lawn mower. These are rarely used nowaday but when they are if often by sports clubs looking for a fine cut on sports pitches or those looking for an exceptionally  finished lawn. The are expensive and time consuming to maintain which puts off most garcen owners. For the domestic user Cylinder mowers are not the most practical option. At Ibbetts we no longer stock cylinder mowers, however we can special order.


Ride On Mower

Ride on mowers, or lawn tractors as they are also known, are designed to tackle bigger areas of grass. As the name suggest the operator of a ride on mower sits on the machine itself and drives the mower. Ride on mowers are able to handle a number of cutting blades and can therefore cover a greater cutting width, from 30 inches upwards. Ride on mowers can collect of mulch grass depending on your needs.


Electric mower


Electric mowers are the simplest of lawn mowers. They are powered by an electric motor and require plugging into the mains via a cable. They are excellent for a small area of grass and are extremely light and agile to handle. Maintenance cost of minimal and they are the cheapest type of lawn mower to buy.


Cordless mower

Cordless lawnmowers share many of the benefits of an electric lawn mowers, without the need for an electric cable. The are quiet, clean and very cheap to run. Ideal for a small to medium sized gardens. Cordless lawnmower technology is advancing at such a rate that within a few years


Robot mower


Robot mowers are the new breed of lawnmower. Technology meets grass cutting with these fully automatic robot mowers. Robot mowers can be programmed to cut your lawn when ever the time is convenient but are smart enough to stop cutting in bad weather. Robot mowers are all mulching mowers, so not only cut your grass automatically, they also feed the lawn too!  They can avoid obstacles in your lawn such as trees and stump, or even children and pets. The Viking Imow is the market leading in robot mowers and is the benchmark.