AL-KO 468 P-A BIO Silver Petrol Mulch Mower

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The AL-KO 468 P-A Bio Silver petrol mulch mower.

Developed in Germany, produced in Austria, mower decks made of sheet steel and AL-KO Pro engine: All these features make our mulching mower a robust and reliable dedicated mulch / side discharge mower. Sophisticated technology and well-known AL-KO quality leave nothing to be desired in this product for the hobby gardener with high standards. With these collection free methods of mowing, you will save time and effort disposing of the grass cuttings.



Technical details of the 468 P-A Bio Silver petrol mulching mower.

The 46 cm cutting width will effectively mow lawns up to approximately 1400 m² in size. The cutting height of the mulching mower can be adjusted in 4 stages ranging from 30 mm to 85 mm so you can be sure to achieve the desired finish. With AL-KO mulching mowers, you also have the option to use the side discharge feature which is ideal when mowing longer grass. Simply open the chute on the side of the cutter deck, insert the deflector and the cuttings are quickly ejected from the side of the mower deck keeping it clear to effectively cut more grass. Side discharge mowing is ideal when mowing in particularly long dense grass in areas where the grass is only mowed occasionally. With the side discharge chute closed, the mulching function is activated. The grass cuttings are retained within the mower deck where they are recut into tiny pieces before being dropped back down into the lawn. These small grass trimmings quickly break down releasing moisture and nutrients back into the ground acting as a natural lawn fertiliser.The easy to start AL-KO PRO 125 engine, ergonomically shaped handlebar as well as the lawn-friendly and easy-running XL wheels make mowing effortless.




  • 46cm cutting width making it ideal for medium sized lawns
  • Comfortable cutting height adjustment
  • High mulching performance thanks to special deck design
  • Mulching or side discharge functions




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