AL-KO Easy Flex MB 2010 Weed Sweeper

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The AL-KO Easy Flex MB 2010 battery weed sweeper from the AL-KO Easy Flex family

The cordless sweeper with a powerful 20 V Li-Ion battery cleans terraces, pathways or paved areas of unwanted weeds from the gaps. The lightweight and handy device allows flexible working without a cumbersome power cable, without petrol and without exhaust gases.



Technical details of the AL-KO Easy Flex MB 2010 Battery weed sweeper

With its 20 V 2.5 or 5 Ah Li-Ion you can work for approximately 40 / 50 minutes (battery and charger not included). The steel and nylon brush have a diameter of 10 cm. The height of the telescopic pole can be adjusted to suit the user whilst the hand grip can also be adjusted further enhancing comfort. With 1.8 kg incl. Battery, the device is extremely light and well balanced.




  • Cordless thanks to 20 V Li-Ion battery
  • Low weight and good balance
  • For cleaning paving stones, pavement slabs and wooden terraces
  • Incl. Telescopic pole and 5-fold adjustable inclination angle
  • Incl. Steel and nylon brush
  • Running time up to 40 min per battery charge (battery and charger not included)



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