Stihl MS500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw

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STIHL has a long history of innovation, starting when the company’s founder, Andreas Stihl, patented the first electric chainsaw back in the 1920s.

And this tradition is set to continue with the 2019 launch of our new MS 500i chainsaw, the first ever petrol chainsaw with electronically-controlled fuel injection. Available from spring 2019, the MS 500i will accelerate from 0 – 100 kilometres per hour chain speed in just 0.25 seconds so that you can work quickly and efficiently.STIHL MS500i Chainsaw

This exciting new saw will weigh 6.2kg as a powerhead, just 0.2kg more than the MS 462 forestry saw, but with an impressive 6.8hp, 0.8hp more than the MS 462, whilst keeping a similar overall size. The 79.2cc MS 500i gives the best power to weight ratio of any production chainsaw on the market.  The MS 500i comes with a choice of 20” or 25” Rollomatic ES Light guide bars, keeping the overall weight of the saw down and the balance at its optimum too.

Starting MS500i ChainsawThe sensor-controlled fuel mixing means that you’ll get optimum engine power at all times and your saw will run perfectly time and time again. Fuel is precisely delivered into the crankcase and drawn into the combustion chamber alongside clean air through the long service life HD2 filter.   Starting the saw is very easy too – there’s no start switch so you just need to press the primer bulb for a cold start and pull the cord, then press the stop switch to turn it off. Simple!



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