Bulldog Pedigree Digging Fork

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Bulldog Pedigree Stainless Digging Fork

Ideal for removing plants, Tending compost piles, Aerating & turning soil, Easier to manage heavy compacted soil with than a spade. Breaks down lumps of earth.

Features –

  • Eeasy Clean.
  • Lifetime Guarantee (25 YEARS).
  • Feather WeightT Light & Strong Stainless Steel.
  • Skillfully crafted tools with the strengh you can trust in your garden.


Ibbetts have been family owned since 1851. We have many years of experience with Garden Equipment and are happy to share this knowledge with you to ensure you buy the right tool for the job. You can see the largest range of Garden Tools and Equipment in Cambridgeshire at our Great Paxton showroom. Visit us for expert advice and a great deal!


You can read more about the history of Ibbetts here.

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